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Left Unhealed: How to Regain Your Revoked Workers’ Compensation Benefits

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As an employee in the state of Minnesota, it’s mandatory that your employer covers you under workers’ compensation. Unlike other states, Minnesota has made workers’ compensation coverage mandatory for anyone, or any business, who has even one employee. Pursuing workers’ compensation is a challenging process, which at the end will leave you feeling relieved, and ready to return to your pre-injury lifestyle. However, these benefits are not guaranteed, and there are many excuses the insurance company can use to bring them to an end.

Common Reasons for Stopping Benefits

While it may seem like you will continue to receive workers’ compensation until you are fully healed, this isn’t always the case. Your employer, along with their insurance company, is in the business of making money and having you out on workers’ compensation means they are paying you to not work. Because of this, insurance companies will often attempt to revoke your benefits as early as they can, through finding reasons for termination.

Some of the most common reasons include:

  • Hiring a private investigator – Insurance companies will often hire a private investigator to take a look at the injured worker. The investigator will take photos and videos if they see the injured worker participating in activities restricted by their doctor— which is enough evidence to have your benefits revoked. Always follow your doctor’s restrictions.

  • Refusing to carry out “light work” – This is solely speaking for lost wage benefits. If your employer has given you light work to do while still recovering, you must accept, as long as it is within your doctor’s guidelines. If you refuse to take on the tasks at hand, you run the risk of having your employer’s insurance refuse to pay out your lost wages. However, there are still many situations in which these benefits are wrongly terminated.

If you believe that this happened with your benefits, our team at Midwest Disability would love the chance to meet with you and discuss how we can help you get back on the road to recovery.

  • Independent medical evaluation (IME) – If the insurance company or your employer suspects you are not truly as injured as you make it out to be, they may handpick a doctor to carry out an Independent Medical Examination. This is an examination to ensure your injuries are real and truly limiting your ability to perform work-related tasks. If the IEM doctor states you are cleared to return to work, the insurance company will likely attempt to use this to put an end to your benefits— working with an experienced Minnesota workers’ compensation attorney can help you fight for your compensation.

  • Gaps in medical treatment – If you’ve been awarded lifetime medical benefits and have a lapse in medical treatment, upon returning to the doctors you may lose those benefits. The doctor must be able to report on your injuries and connect them to your workplace accident. If you’ve been gone for a long period of time, this will be challenging for the doctor to prove.

How Can I Get My Benefits Back?

The reasons listed above are just a few of the many reasons insurance companies may try to revoke your workers’ compensation benefits. If you are being questioned by the insurance company, they may already be plotting their plan to deny or revoke your benefits. It is crucial for your recovery that you speak with a trusted Minnesota workers’ compensation attorney to discuss your rights before speaking with the insurance company.

At Midwest Disability, our team has been helping injured employees pursue the compensation they deserve and need to return to their pre-injury lifestyle for over 50 years.

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