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What If I Caused the Work Accident Where I Was Injured?

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2020 | WC - Work Accidents |

Accidents can happen at any time, including while we’re at work. These accidents can occur in many different ways, including unsafe working conditions, another employee’s reckless behaviors, or an employer’s negligence.

However, there are some instances in which the injured employee was the one to cause their own workplace injury. Below, we discuss whether fault plays a role in an injured worker’s rights to disability benefits.

Scope of the Job

Generally, workers who accidentally cause their own injuries during the course of their regular job duties are eligible for workers’ comp benefits. For example, a nurse may be trying to lift a patient when they lose their footing and fall, causing injury to themselves.

In this case, it is technically the worker’s mistake or “fault” that they sustained the injury at work. However, since the injury occurred while the worker was performing their job duties, it is considered a work-related injury and would most likely be covered by workers’ compensation.

Disability benefits may not apply if the injured worker sustained the injury outside of their regular job duties or business hours. The nurse in the above scenario may not be entitled to benefits if they were, for instance, trying to lift heavy equipment at work after they were already done for the day.

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Whatever the situation of your work injury, don’t hesitate to reach out to Midwest Disability for help pursuing your workers’ compensation claim. Each case can pose its own unique challenges and you may still be entitled to compensation if you accidentally caused your workplace accident.

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