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What Is Maximum Medical Improvement?

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2020 | WC - Injuries And Illnesses |

In workers’ compensation cases, you will probably hear the term “maximum medical improvement” (MMI). To you, this may mean that you have fully recovered from your work injury and are feeling ready to go back to work. But when it comes to your workers’ compensation case, this has a much more explicit meaning.

How MMI Is Determined

Under Minnesota workers’ comp law, maximum medical improvement is defined as “the date after which no further significant recovery from or significant lasting improvement to a personal injury can reasonably be anticipated, based upon reasonable medical probability, irrespective and regardless of subjective complaints of pain.”

Essentially, this is the point at which your treating doctor decides that you will not significantly recover any more from your work injury and medical treatment can stop.

In Minnesota, healthcare providers are required to consider a few things when determining a worker’s medical maximum improvement, including:

  • Whether there has been a significant improvement in the injured employee’s condition

  • Whether any significant recovery is likely or unlikely, regardless of any ongoing medical treatment

  • Whether doctors have tried all possible treatments to improve the injured employee’s condition

  • Whether further treatment is needed to maintain the employee’s current condition

  • Whether further treatment would help alleviate symptoms, even if temporarily

Why MMI Is Important

MMI is an important part of receiving maximum disability benefits. If your doctor determines that you have reached your MMI, your employer’s insurance company could stop paying you within 90 days. This depends on whether the injured worker has temporary or permanent benefits or whether the injured worker will have a long-term or lifelong disability.

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