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Veterans could have ‘invisible scars’

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2020 | SSD - Veterans' Issues |

Many veterans come back with serious physical injuries that leave substantial scars even after they heal. For some, though, these scars are “invisible” and internal. They are the product of serious emotional and mental damage done by time served in a war zone, and they can be debilitating.

To understand just how real these unseen injuries can be, consider the story of a man who lived with post-traumatic stress disorder. He suffered from anxiety attacks and night terrors. He had witnessed destruction and death while serving, and he could not put those memories behind him. Even though he had returned to his family and technically knew he was safe, he often felt anything but safe.

These issues began to impact his family. They were afraid of his outbursts, especially at night. He often woke up violently, screaming and reliving the things he had seen while deployed. Eventually, things became so difficult that he decided to take his own life. He attempted to do so twice.

The story has something of a happy ending: He did not pass away from his attempts, and they pushed him to finally seek the help he needed.

However, his wife noted that he never really had a proper diagnosis. She said that made it difficult to know what to do. Often, she just felt helpless and wasn’t sure how to provide support.

Though the man was finally able to get assistance and move forward with his life, his story shows just how real these “invisible injuries” can be. Those who are dealing with things of this nature need to know what options they have for benefits. The financial security of a disability benefit can make it easier for veterans to support their families and seek the help they really need.



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