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Factors affecting Social Security disability benefits

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2021 | SSD - Social Security Disability Process And Benefits |

Not being able to work due to a disability can take a serious toll on any Minnesota resident and those across the country. They may continually find themselves tight on money and struggle to pay bills and meet their needs. Without the ability to generate an income through employment, they may need to rely on government assistance programs like Social Security Disability Insurance.

While SSDI can help certain individuals, there are qualification that they must meet, and the benefits provided have a limit per month. The amount that a person receives can depend on how much money was earned during one’s working years before the disability made the individual unable to work. This may come as a surprise to some individuals who may have thought the amount was determined by the severity of the disability or on household income.

The maximum monthly payment that a person could receive is $2,224 as of Jan. 2021. Again, there are stipulations that must be met in order to receive SSDI, including meeting work-related qualifications, having a condition covered by SSDI and being unable to work, among other requirements. It is also important to remember that many applicants are denied when applying for benefits for the first time.

Many people in Minnesota and throughout the country may feel as if they face obstacle after obstacle due to their disability. If their Social Security Disability Insurance application is denied, they may believe that they will only face more hardships. However, many individuals have the ability to appeal a denial, and in some cases, additional application attempts could prove successful. Because applying for benefits and appealing decisions can be complicated, having legal support may be useful.


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