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Social Security disability process not always easy to navigate

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2021 | SSD - Social Security Disability Process And Benefits |

Though many people often think of older individuals as becoming disabled and needing benefits from the government, disability could affect anyone of any age. Whether having a condition since birth or developing a disability due to injury or illness applies, a person who cannot work due to his or her condition may need Social Security disability benefits. If a person has not yet applied for benefits, understanding the process is key. 

The Social Security Administration has specific requirements for qualifying for benefits, and individuals can try to determine their eligibility before starting paperwork. One important factor to consider is whether the disability completely prevents a person from working. Knowing that this is the case is essential because the SSA requires evidence that a person cannot work due to his or her condition. 

When filling out the application, it is important to be thorough and accurate. Some details to consider providing include: 

  • A list of medications the person takes in association with the condition 
  • Any side effects those medications cause, particularly if they affect the person’s ability to work 
  • A statement from a doctor or other medical provider, indicating that the condition prevents the person from working 
  • Medical records showing test results, diagnoses, doctor appointment visits and more 
  • Estimates relating to the duration of the condition or whether it is permanent 

It is unfortunately difficult to be approved for Social Security disability benefits at the initial application stage. Even if individuals provide all of this information, the SSA may still deny a claim. Fortunately, applicants can appeal that decision on varying levels if they believe they truly qualify. In some cases, providing more information could help with the decision, and in other cases, additional actions may be needed. 


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