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Will Social Security disability put Medicaid eligibility at risk?

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2021 | SSD - Social Security Disability Process And Benefits |

Money is something that most people cannot do without. Everything individuals need to meet their needs typically costs something. As a result, when people suffer from a disabling condition and cannot work, it is likely that they will have a continual worry about their finances. Fortunately, many qualify for Social Security disability benefits, but they may still wonder whether these benefits could jeopardize their chances for other assistance.

Commonly, individuals who qualify for SSDI also qualify for Medicare. However, they may also want to receive Medicaid benefits because of the wait period associated with Medicare. In fact, Medicare benefits can take up to two years to become accessible for someone who qualifies for disability benefits. For those who are struggling financially, this two-year gap could seem insurmountable, but with Medicaid, they may be able to cover those years more easily.

Some important details regarding receiving SSDI and Medicaid include:

  • Qualifying may be easier if a person receives only the average amount for an SSDI payment and has no other form of income.
  • It is important to determine whether an applicant’s state uses the poverty level to determine eligibility.
  • Even if a person receives SSDI that puts his or her monthly income over the qualifying limit, he or she may still qualify if other financial burdens exist, such as extensive medical expenses.

Social Security disability can provide a valuable income for individuals who cannot work because of a disability. If there are concerns that SSDI may disqualify individuals for other benefits, it is important that they have the right information. Simply assuming that they do not qualify could cause them to miss out on financial assistance that could ease their monetary burdens.


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