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Building a strong Social Security disability application

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2021 | SSD - Social Security Disability Process And Benefits |

Having a disability affects each person differently. Some may feel disheartened or even ashamed of their condition because of ableism and stigmas associated with disabilities. Others may not want to let their conditions rule the way they live, but they understand that they may have to live within certain limitations. In some cases, those limitations could include not being able to work and, thus, needing Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. 

SSDI is a government program that can provide a monthly payment to individuals who qualify. In order to receive these benefits, a person must submit an application to the Social Security Administration. The SSA will review the application and any additional information provided and will likely deny the application, at least initially. This happens most often with first-time applicants, but it is not something to fear. Some parties may get an acceptance after the initial applications, and others may need to appeal. 

If individuals want to submit the best application they can and prepare for the possibility of an appeal, the following details may help: 

  • Including all necessary information in the initial application, which can be obtained through an SSDI application checklist provided by the SSA 
  • Having as many medical records as possible relating to the disabling condition at the time of submitting the application 
  • Continuing to receive medical attention as needed for the condition and keeping up with any new developments 
  • Requesting that individuals close to your situation  such as a spouse, adult children, roommate, close friends or others  act as witnesses to testify to the extent of the disability, if necessary 

Even people truly deserving of Social Security Disability Insurance benefits can face a denial. Often it is because the applicant did not provide the SSA with enough evidence. Fortunately, moving forward with an appeal and having as much information available about the condition could help struggling individuals get the financial assistance they need. 


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