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Prevent these Social Security disability application errors

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2021 | SSD - Social Security Disability Process And Benefits |

The toll that being unable to work takes on a person is often more than many abled-bodied individuals realize. In addition to commonly facing physical pain and mental stress, many disabled people cannot work and face financial hardships as well. While Social Security Disability Insurance benefits provide some assistance to qualifying individuals, those individuals must first be approved, and it is all too easy to face a denial of benefits from the Social Security Administration. 

Though the majority of first-time applicants do face a denial, a strong application could help some parties avoid that outcome. Unfortunately, mistakes are a leading cause of denials as there is often more to the application process than many people realize at first. In hopes of gaining an approval, parties applying for benefits may want to avoid as many mistakes as possible. 

Some common errors to avoid include the following: 

  • Not fully understanding the qualifications for SSDI benefits 
  • Thinking that the application process only involves filling out a few forms 
  • Overstating the extent of the disability 
  • Understating or not fully explaining the extent of the disability and its impacts 
  • Not moving forward with an appeal before the deadline 
  • Not accurately portraying work history

Another serious issue that could affect applicants’ ability to gain Social Security disability benefits is going through the process on their own. Often, there are specifics and details about the application process that the average person does not know about or understand. Fortunately, legal professionals experienced with SSDI applications and appeals could help interested parties move their applications forward and hopefully avoid costly mistakes. 



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