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Severe arthritis may render many unable to work

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2021 | SSD - Social Security Disability Process And Benefits |

Though many people may think of arthritis as a condition that only affects elderly people, that is unfortunately not the case. Individuals of all ages could suffer from the effects of these joint-related conditions. In some instances, the pain and damage of arthritis could render a person unable to work due to the disabling nature of the condition. If so, it may be possible for that person to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits.

As with all medical conditions, the effects of arthritis differ from person to person. Some individuals may experience occasional joint pain that they can manage fairly well with over-the-counter pain relievers and continue on with their daily activities. For others, the condition may deteriorate their joints to a point where they cannot use them, and they may need joint replacement surgery if they are a viable candidate for such a procedure.

In some instances, the condition can result in a person being unable to work due to a reduced range of motion in their joints, high pain levels and other issues. If a person hopes to apply for SSDI because of their inability to work, the following evidence may be helpful:

  • Test results relating to range of motion in the affected joints
  • Test results relating to muscle strength
  • Additional medical test results
  • Testimonies from medical professionals related to their specific care
  • Physical exam reports

Even with a disabling condition like severe arthritis, not every applicant receives an immediate approval for Social Security disability benefits. If individuals hope to bolster their application as much as possible, ensuring that they properly fill out the necessary forms and provide substantial evidence could go a long way. Additionally, seeking support with the application process and any necessary appeals from experienced attorneys may prove beneficial.


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