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How do work credits affect SSDI qualification?

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2021 | SSD - Social Security Disability Process And Benefits |

Many people often have mixed feelings about Social Security. While some may greatly appreciate the fact that some of their income is being paid into the program for later use, others may feel as if they never get back what they paid in or that the process for applying is too difficult. Certainly, receiving Social Security benefits is challenging, particularly for SSDI, but it is not impossible for qualifying parties. 

One aspect that individuals may want to consider as they work to apply for benefits is their work credits. The Social Security Administration requires a certain number of credits depending on the type of Social Security benefits a person is hoping to obtain. For instance, for retirement benefits, a person needs 40 work credits, which typically equates to 10 years in the workforce as a maximum of four credits can be earned per year. 

Of course, the situation differs for someone pursuing SSDI benefits. In those cases, the following details apply: 

  • A person’s age affects qualification and the number of work credits needed. 
  • If a person is over the age of 31, the SSA typically requires at least 20 work credits from the decade prior to the disability. 
  • For someone under the age of 24, a minimum of six credits earned in the three years before the disability could qualify the individual for benefits. 

Still, even with credits, a person may not automatically qualify for SSDI benefits. The type of disabling condition they have, the type of work they previously performed and their current abilities could all play an important role in their application. If individuals have concerns about qualifying for disability benefits, they may want to discuss their situations further with experienced attorneys. 



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