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Keep Calm and Hire a Lawyer!

by | Feb 24, 2022 | SSD - Social Security Disability Process And Benefits |

We all know at least a little about Social Security. Odds are it’s something you’ve heard a family member talk about quite a bit. But how much do you really know about disability? While many Social Security issues can be managed on your own by calling your local office, filing for and winning a disability case is a totally different animal.

Do you know what Substantial Gainful Activity is? What about completing a Work History Report or counting your quarters of coverage? Have you even seen these terms before? Can you search through thousands of Social Security Rulings and know which ones will make a difference in your case or not?

Lawyers who handle Social Security disability cases do all these things and much more.

Here is a short list of ways a lawyer can help you prepare your case for the best chances of success:

  1. Communicate with government officials on a regular basis on your behalf – no more long waits on the phone or in person!
  2. Understand why Social Security denied your case and help you understand ways to fix those problems
  3. Explain how things like working, drug or alcohol abuse, not seeing a doctor, and child support payments can impact your case and possible payments
  4. Prepare you for your hearing by discussing practice questions the judge is likely to ask
  5. Resolve problems with SSA at all stages of the process so your case can proceed as quickly as possible
  6. Write briefs (legal memos) to the judge discussing your medical issues and making legal arguments about why you should be found disabled– these can often help a judge navigate any unique or complex issues in your case, and sometimes avoid a hearing entirely
  7. Social Security has strict deadlines for many documents and filings. A lawyer will have a system for avoiding missed deadlines that could have negative consequences for your case.
  8. Speak Social Security’s specific “language” and translate it’s meaning to you in understandable terms. Doing so can simplify and speed up the process with SSA employees, help manage your stress about what something means in your case, and effectively communicate with judges.
  9. Provide support and assistance during a very difficult time in your life that may have come as a surprise to you or your family and be a partner during a lengthy and sometimes frustrating experience.

Best of all, there are no hourly fees or upfront costs. Lawyers who practice Social Security disability law only get paid if they win your case. Most firms (including Midwest Disability) do not charge you for the cost of getting your medical records to the judge either.

If you are on the fence about hiring an attorney to help you in this process, please call our office right away. Waiting to file a claim can reduce the benefits you may be entitled to. We are ready to get you started!



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