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Doctors: How They Help or Hurt

by | May 4, 2022 | SSD - Social Security Disability Process And Benefits |

Social Security has all your doctors’ records AND one of them even wrote a letter saying you are disabled….you’re all set! Right???

Maybe, but maybe not.

Sometimes doctors’ records are helpful, sometimes they don’t have much information, and sometimes they hurt your case.

Social Security requires objective evidence from your doctors to find you disabled. Objective evidence includes things like x-rays, lab results, office exams, and a variety of other testing related to your disability. Medical records that do not include updated information about your exams and problems will not provide much benefit to your case. This makes it incredibly important for you to follow-up with doctors, testing, and prescribed medications.

Be sure to discuss all your symptoms and limitations with your doctors at every exam. The more detailed their notes about your difficulties and their examinations of you, the better information you have for a judge.

However, if doctors’ exams and notes state they do not see any reason for your symptoms or do not believe you are disabled, this can create serious challenges for your case. Discussing these impacts with your attorney will be critical in finding ways to keep your case strong.

If you have one or more doctors that have told you they ARE supportive of your disability claim, keeping a focus on their records and expertise is important. Here at Midwest we can use questionnaires specifically designed to gather detailed information from these supportive doctors. A judge is then required to take the opinion of those doctors seriously when reviewing your case.

Each case is unique, and rarely is there a “perfect” case! But the attorneys at Midwest have the professional experience to help fight through these hurdles and put YOUR best case forward!



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