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Taking steps to prepare for a consultative exam

On Behalf of | May 6, 2022 | SSD - Social Security Disability Process And Benefits |

If a medical condition diminishes your ability to make a living, you might feel somewhat overwhelmed by the changes in your life and wish to seek insight on your options. While you might be eligible for aid via Social Security Disability Insurance, filing a claim for benefits can be a complex process at times.

While applying for SSDI benefits, the SSA may request information about your medical condition and treatment history. Should the SSA decide that further information is necessary, you might receive a request to undergo a consultative exam and knowing what to expect from this process may be vital.

What to expect

Preparing for a consultative exam can be a stressful process, as the results thereof could influence the outcome of your situation. Some vital topics to consider when preparing for a consultative exam in Minnesota may include:

  • Purpose of the exam: The purpose of a consultative exam may involve the need to gather additional information about your medical condition and the SSA may use the results in the determination of your claim.
  • The process: During this visit, the doctor may ask questions about your condition and medical history and provide feedback to the SSA on topics such as what types of limitations may exist.
  • Medical professionals: Although you might prefer to undergo this exam with your own doctor, this might not always be possible and the SSA may choose a party to perform the exam.
  • Travel concerns: If you cannot travel to a facility for a consultative exam, you may have the option to request that a doctor make a visit to your place of residence to perform the exam.

While it may be possible to reschedule a consultative exam should the need arise, this may only act to delay the decision in your case and missing the exam altogether might not prove favorable.

Protecting your future

A consultative exam is just one example of a possible step the SSA might require you take while seeking SSDI benefits. Seeking advice on every vital aspect involved with the application process could help you better prepare to take every necessary step to stay on top of your case and safeguard your interests. Such guidance may play an integral role in helping you prepare to seek the full amount of benefits possible and help you approach the future with confidence and peace of mind.



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