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Roommate Removal: How Living with Others May Reduce your SSI Payments

by | Jun 1, 2022 | SSD - Supplemental Security Income (SSI) |

Whether you live alone or with others can definitely determine how much you receive in monthly SSI payments! Living with Grandma so you have a roof over your head and she doesn’t leave the stove on again? Sharing a studio with a friend who works full-time and needs someone to watch her anxiety-ridden cat? Got divorced but are still living with your ex-spouse so the kids don’t have to change schools?

These and many other situations could result in your SSI disability benefits being reduced or eliminated. Here are some examples:

Alone in your own place, pay for your own food/utilities NO
Homeless NO – and you may qualify for public housing
With a roommate, in their home, you split expenses equally NO
Shelter SORT OF – you can get SSI for up to 6 months
With your ex-spouse and kids MAYBE – but only if you do not pay your equal share of expenses
With a roommate, in their home, they pay for everything YES – up to 1/3 reduction + $20
In a rehab facility, nursing home, prison/jail YES – with minimal exceptions
I live with my (non-disabled) spouse who works YES – a portion of their income is considered yours also
I live with my (disabled) spouse YES – your household will get the maximum for a married couple, which is typically 25% less than your individual amounts


Many people on SSI disability live in unique circumstances that may not fall into any of the examples given above. If you have questions, please reach out to our attorneys to discuss your situation. We can help you understand your options when needing to make serious decisions about where you lay your head at night.



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