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Injured employees may be eligible for workers’ compensation

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When an individual suffers a debilitating injury, it is very possible that he or she will also face financial difficulties. For most people, jobs and occupations are the primary way they earn a living for themselves and their families. Becoming disabled can prevent an individual from working and producing an income. Luckily, most employees who suffer injuries can take advantage of workers’ compensation benefits to help make ends meet as they recover from an injury or illness.  

Who is eligible for work comp benefits?

When an employee is injured at work, workers’ compensation benefits are provided regardless of fault. This means employees who are injured do not need to take legal action against their employer to be compensated. Although there are some exceptions, a worker will often still be eligible for workers’ comp even if his or her own carelessness contributed to the injury.  

What type of injuries are covered?

Workers’ comp will not cover self-inflicted injuries, injuries that happened outside of work or injuries that happened while committing crimes. However, injuries caused by occupational diseases, like asbestos, will usually be covered by workers’ compensation. The benefits that workers receive are determined by the state in which they work. The types of benefits received are usually medical coverage, disability pay, death benefits and vocational rehabilitation. 

Where to go for help

Workers’ compensation benefits can be a lifesaver when an employee is injured and can no longer work. However, legal challenges may make obtaining these benefits challenging and frustrating. Those who have questions about workers’ compensation or Social Security Disability Insurance can obtain much-needed guidance by speaking with a knowledgeable and trusted attorney. 


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