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Compassionate Allowance: The Basics

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The Social Security Disability Insurance process from start to finish can be a very lengthy process. Often this process takes more than a year. For some individuals, this wait time may be very challenging due to the severity of their illnesses or conditions. Therefore, in some special circumstances, a “Compassionate Allowance” is permitted for those who meet certain medical criteria. The Compassionate Allowance program was first started in 2007 to deal with the problem of thousands of back-logged Social Security Disability Insurance cases waiting on decisions. The Compassionate Allowance program essentially allows applicants to skip much of the standard wait prior for approval. Moreover, the Compassionate Allowance program is an expedited process to allow specific applicants who are suffering with certain conditions to receive Social Security benefits substantially quicker compared to the normal process. This means they will get the financial benefits they need in a much shorter time.

There is a list of conditions covered by the Compassionate Allowance program. Many of the conditions on the list include rare diseases as well as more common conditions including several cancers. Overall, all the conditions on the list are very serious and many are considered terminal. Currently, there are 257 conditions on the Compassionate Allowance list. Some of the conditions on list include acute leukemia, congenital myotonic dystrophy, kidney cancer – inoperable or unresectable, malignant multiple sclerosis, and Zellweger Syndrome (see Reference link below for full list). To receive Compassionate Allowance, an individual must present specific facts including the specific diagnosis of the condition on the list as well as physical findings. Therefore, while Social Security usually notes possible Compassionate Allowance cases at the time of the application, it may be helpful to work with an experience Social Security Disability attorney to help ensure that the complete and correct evidence is presented for consideration of Compassionate Allowance.

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