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Are delivery drivers entitled to work comp benefits for winter falls?

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2022 | WC - Injuries And Illnesses |

Delivery drivers, including those who work for Amazon, UPS, and FedEx, work all year long. They don’t stop delivering packages just because it’s snowy or icy outside. When the weather conditions get treacherous during the winter months, delivery drivers must ensure they’re being safe as they do their job duties.

However, even wearing yak-tracks or spikes and being very careful is not enough to avoid a serious slip-and-fall accident. If you fell while doing your job, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits often include medical expenses and treatment as well as a portion of lost wages. Work Comp may also provide other benefits if you are unable to return to work.

Unfortunately, these benefits aren’t automatically paid to injured workers. Sometimes, it’s necessary to fight a legal battle for the benefits you’re due. Seek help from a lawyer if the work comp carrier or the employer do the following:

  • Deny your claim
  • Delay payments for no good reason
  • Try to settle your claim before you completely healed
  • Attempt to settle your claim for less than you are due
  • Say you have to return to work or risk losing your job

Don’t take no for an answer. You may be entitled to work comp benefits.

Common injuries with slips and falls in Minnesota winters

The injuries you end up with when you fall on snow or ice depends on how you land. Ideally, you’ll fall without putting too much stress on the ankle or wrist joints. It’s not always possible to adjust your body as you fall in these slick conditions, especially if you have a package in your hands.

Here are some common and quite serious injuries that can lay you up for the rest of the winter.

  • Broken or bruised tailbone: If you land on your rear when you fall, you break or bruise your tailbone.
  • Twisted or sprained ankle or wrist: You can twist or sprain your ankle or wrist if it twists in an odd manner when you fall.
  • Bruised knee or hip: Landing on your hip or knee could lead to bruising in those joints that can make it difficult to move or bear weight.
  • Broken hip or leg: A broken hip or leg will make it impossible to walk.
  • Concussion: You can suffer a concussion if you hit your head on the ground or just get knocked around without hitting the ground.
  • Spinal cord injury: If you land on your back, particularly if something is under your back, you can hurt your spinal cord.

No matter how insignificant your injuries may first appear, see a medical professional right away. This helps you document your claim. Also, many symptoms don’t show up right away. Any of these injuries can lead to missed work during the busiest time of year. And, all of them may be qualifying injuries for work comp benefits. Be sure to claim what is rightfully yours.


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