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What is the role of a medical expert in a disability hearing?

by | Dec 7, 2022 | SSD - Disability Hearings |

Sometimes the administrative law judge will ask a medical expert to testify at your hearing. A medical expert is either a physician, psychiatrist, or psychologist who is trained in Social Security’s rules and regulations. A medical expert is not an employee of the Social Security Administration (“SSA”); however, SSA pays the doctor a fee to take part in the hearing as an impartial expert witness. The doctor offers her opinion about what the claimant’s impairments are; whether the claimant meets or equals a listing; and whether the claimant has limitations (physical or mental).

If the judge for your disability hearing has asked a medical expert to testify at your hearing, the hearing notice will tell you that a doctor will attend your hearing. The notice should state the name of the doctor and the area of medicine they practice.

If the judge for your hearing has not asked a medical expert to testify at your hearing but you think it will be helpful to your case, you can request that a medical expert attends your hearing. The judge will decide whether it is necessary.



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