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Why Was I Denied?! I Really Cannot Work!

by | Feb 10, 2023 | SSD - Social Security Disability Process And Benefits |

There are several clear reasons you may have been denied.

  1. You are earning too much money! While some work and income are allowed while receiving disability benefits, if you are earning over “SGA” (Substantial Gainful Activity), the monthly amount set by Federal law, you will be denied before SSA even looks at your medical conditions!
  2. Your disability won’t last, or didn’t last, 12 months. Let’s say you fall off a ladder and break your shoulder. You have surgery performed, go to some physical therapy and take some medications, and take it easy for 9 months. While you may not have been able to work during those 9 months, if you are mostly healed in 9 months, you have not been unable to work for long enough to qualify for benefits.
  3. You’ve gone MIA. While SSA evaluates your claim, they are often trying to reach you through phone calls and mail. They need you to complete several forms, and if you cannot be found or do not reply to these requests, SSA will deny your case simply because you didn’t comply.
  4. You don’t take medical advice. If you are seeing doctors for your conditions, and they suggest a variety of treatment, and you refuse to try any of it or most of it, SSA may find you are “non-compliant”. They will not find you are disabled if you have not tried to improve your conditions. There are some exceptions to this however.
  5. You have no other medical conditions except for drug or alcohol abuse. This is a hot topic among many clients, some who have struggled with these issues and some who have not. However, the ability of drugs and alcohol to interfere with mental stability is a major factor in SSA evaluation of a claim, especially if that claim also involves claims of psychiatric conditions.
  6. You are a felon or you have committed fraud. While you cannot receive benefits while you are incarcerated, you can apply for and possibly obtain benefits once you have been released. If you got disability benefits by defrauding SSA, and they discover this, or you are reported by someone, you will no longer receive benefits.

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