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Waiting on a Decision Post Hearing: Post Hearing Development

by | May 26, 2023 | SSD - Social Security Disability |

Two frequent questions individuals will ask after they have their Social Security Disability hearing are the following: 1) Do I have to do anything thing else or provide any additional information? And 2) How long will it take to get my decision? Regarding question number one, sometimes there is need for post hearing development. Post hearing development could mean a variety of things including the need to provide additional medical records or evidence, the requirement to submit updated representation forms, an order requiring you to attend a consultative examination, or a supplemental hearing has been set. Waiting on additional evidence is generally the most common form of post hearing development. This means the judge is waiting for additional medical records or other documents (i.e. paystubs) to be submitted before they make their decision. Your attorney’s office is often responsible for ordering and submitting medical evidence; however, if the judge is requesting paystubs or other miscellaneous documents, it is important you get those to your attorney as soon as you can so those can be submitted into your file. Additionally, the judge may delay sending out the decision if they are waiting on updated representation forms. It is important there is a signed 1696 and fee agreement in the file. Thus, make sure you have signed those updated forms with your attorney representative’s name on them. Thirdly, the judge could require you to attend a consultative examination post hearing. The consultative examination will have to be scheduled after the hearing, and it is crucial you attend. Finally, in rare cases a supplemental hearing might be set to get additional testimony if necessary. Overall, it is important to work with your attorney prior to the hearing as well as post hearing to make sure all necessary documents are submitted so you can receive a decision as quickly as possible.



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