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What not to do when a disability claim is denied

On Behalf of | May 7, 2023 | SSD - Social Security Disability |

No one expects to suffer a debilitating injury, but one of the few guarantees in life is that accidents are going to happen. What can an individual do when he or she is hurt and can no longer work to earn a living? Those in this situation can apply to receive Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. However, only about one-third of all initial SSDI benefits claims are approved. Here are a couple of common mistakes to avoid when an initial disability claim is denied. 

Don’t give up 

Just giving up is never a good idea if the initial application for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits is rejected. Almost 70% of first-time applications are denied by the Social Security Administration. However, over half of the applicants who take the necessary steps to file an appeal end up receiving the benefits. 

Don’t reapply 

Many applicants who are initially denied think they must simply reapply. But submitting another application for disability benefits with the SSA is often not the best route to take. After a denial, it is usually best to pursue an appeal instead of reapplying. If an applicant reapplies, it is a good chance the claim will just be denied again. Eventually, the applicant will most likely have to go through the appeal process to have a legitimate chance of securing the benefits at some point in the future. 

Get help to file an appeal 

It can seem troubling to be rejected after applying for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. However, taking all the necessary steps to file an appeal can greatly increase a person’s odds of receiving benefits. When filing an appeal, having a seasoned legal professional often makes all the difference. A knowledgeable disability attorney can answer questions and provide invaluable guidance through the process. 


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