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Can You Get Disability for Diabetes?

by | Jun 25, 2024 | SSD - Social Security Disability Benefits For Illnesses |

An estimated 38 million Americans, or more than 11 percent of the U.S. population suffers from diabetes, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

And it’s likely that a quarter of those individuals don’t even know that they have it.

But as anyone living with poorly controlled diabetes can tell you, the effects of the condition can be devastating.

While you can receive disability benefits for diabetes, being approved is not as simple as providing Social Security with medical records showing a diagnosis.

Social Security Administration uses a “Listing of Impairments’ to determine conditions that automatically qualify for disability, and there is currently no listing for diabetes.

However, some of the more common complications of diabetes, including coronary artery diseases, chronic heart failure, diabetic neuropathy, diabetic retinopathy, amputations, or nonhealing wounds can meet or equal other Listings.

Ultimately, disability cases involving diabetes are approved based on how symptomatic it is. If you merely have high blood sugars, but no other symptoms, a disability application is unlikely be to be successful.

But the disability system also looks more kindly on older individuals. Even if you have mild symptoms related to diabetes, such as dizziness or confusion, claimants over the ages of 50 or 55 sometimes do get approved for benefits.

Diabetes is a complex condition that impacts everyone a little differently. Because of this, it’s important to discuss your diabetic symptoms and your changes of being approved with a disability attorney before filing for benefits.


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