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The We Can’t Wait Act: A beacon of hope for SSD applicants

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2024 | SSD - Social Security Disability |

Most people who are applying for Social Security Disability (SSD) are in dire need of some financial relief due to their inability to earn an income. Unfortunately, the current system has a five-month waiting period before an applicant can start receiving benefits.

This waiting can be a devastating reality, and this is what the We Can’t Wait Act aims to address. The legislation was introduced to the Senate to help expedite the approval process, reduce bureaucratic hurdles and provide more timely support to those in need.

What the Act is all about

This Act was formally known as the Accelerated Access to Social Security Disability Benefits Act. Its core objective is to speed up the SSD application and approval process. The Act requires the Social Security Administration (SSA) to:

  • Employee more staff
  • Incorporate technology in the approval process
  • Trim out unnecessary administrative procedures

All these are meant to reduce the waiting period by helping to ensure that applicants are approved to receive benefits as soon as possible.

The Act also aims to secure presumptive disability payments for applicants with severe medical conditions while their claims are being processed. This provision is meant to save individuals who will likely be approved from a needless and agonizing wait.

Additionally, the Act mandates the SSA to communicate better with the applicants concerning the status of their claims. Honest and timely communication can ease an applicant’s anxiety at a time when SSD benefits may be their last hope. Furthermore, the SSA will be required to clearly explain, in detail, the reasons for any denials. This should help applicants understand and address any issues in their claims.

One critical objective the Act hopes to address is SSA’s backlog of pending disability claims. The Act tasks the SSA to establish and implement efficient procedures to mitigate application delays to save applicants from prolonged waiting periods.

The road ahead for the Act

Introduced in the Senate in December 2023, the We Can’t Wait Act is currently in its early stages. It has been handed over to the Senate Committee on Finance for consideration. While its ultimate fate remains uncertain, the Act has gained bipartisan support, increasing its chances of passing. While the full implementation and impact of the Act is yet to be seen, its introduction has undoubtedly sparked hope among SSD applicants.


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