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Can I get workers’ compensation from a slip-and-fall even in a public place?

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2022 | WC - Work Accidents |

Winter is just around the corner in the Twin Cities. That means ice and snow will soon appear on the sidewalks, curbs and parking lots. Slips and falls are almost inevitable for pedestrians — and people who work outdoors. A fall on ice can cause more than bumps and bruises. You can sprain or tear a ligament in your wrist, ankle or hip.

How, not where, you got hurt

You might think you can only collect workers’ compensation if you get hurt at a fixed workplace like a factory, warehouse or office. In fact, in Minnesota, where you are when you get hurt almost never affects a workers’ comp claim. The key is whether you were in the course of your work duties when your injury occurred.

That’s because not every job keeps you fixed to a specific workstation or desk. For example, you might be a delivery driver or an office worker sent out for coffee. Nobody should be penalized because the nature of their work keeps them mobile some or all of the time. As long as you fell while completing a work task, you can use the resulting injuries as the basis for a valid workers’ comp claim.

Your options after a denied workers’ comp claim

A painful, disabling injury from a slip-and-fall accident can put you out of commission for weeks, if not longer. Workers’ comp can help you pay your bills until you can go back to work. But if your employer rejects your claim, your family could be left in financial peril. Fortunately, Minnesota law lets you appeal a denied workers’ compensation claim.


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