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Subsequent Disability Claims: Can You Apply for SSD Again?

by | Sep 14, 2012 | SSD - Social Security Disability Process And Benefits |

Some people go their whole lives without becoming disabled. Some are disabled to the point that they must stop working. Still others face multiple disabilities during their lifetimes, causing frequent trips not only to the doctor, but also to the SSA office for disability benefits.

Whether you received SSDI in the past, returned to work and have become disabled again; or you have suffered another disability while your application was pending, you can file a subsequent disability claim.

If you become disabled after your benefits have stopped

If you have received SSDI in the past, recovered, and became disabled again, you must submit a new SSDI application. This may mean including the same information that you included on your first application and obtaining the same evidence of your injury.

Unlike applying for SSDI the first time around, you do not need to go through the five-month waiting period to receive benefits as long as it has only been five years since the onset date of your first disability.

Filing a new disability application while another application is pending

You can generally not file a duplicate disability application when you already have an application before the Social Security Administration. If, however, your application is before the Appeals Council, you may be able to submit a new application if you have evidence that you are suffering from a new disabling condition that arose after you received a decision from the Administrative Law Judge.


Understanding SSDI, let along subsequent disability claims, can be difficult. An SSDI benefits lawyer can answer your questions while providing you with effective legal support.

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