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Disabling mental conditions: Severe depression can be unbearable

by | Mar 26, 2013 | SSD - Social Security Disability Benefits For Mental Conditions |

Suffering from depression may be just as disabling as other physical ailments. And severe depression may even lead to physical impairments, including chronic pain and muscle weakness. Although some workers in Minneapolis may be able to overcome their depression by seeking help from their doctors, others may barely be able to get out of bed each day.

When one’s severe depression becomes so challenging to live with that the individual can no longer work, the individual may be entitled to obtain Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. However, because a disability resulting from depression cannot be easily measured by medical tests, proving that one’s condition is disabling will require other medical documentation.

Without the proper documentation to support one’s claim for benefits, an individual may have a difficult time getting his or her disability benefits approved. In some cases, folks may be forced to apply for benefits several times before the Social Security Administration will finally acknowledge that the individual is entitled to benefits. This process may be frustrating and increase one’s anxiety, but with the help of an attorney, folks may feel better knowing that their cases will be handled appropriately.

What type of documentation is needed when applying for SSDI benefits for depression?

When applying for SDDI benefits, the most important thing to remember is to be completely honest. Workers need to be honest with their doctors about their conditions so their doctors can provide them with the most effective treatments. Workers also need to be honest when filing SSDI applications in order to avoid any potential problems that may come up when applications are reviewed.

The SSA will need a complete history of one’s medical condition as well. Medical information should include documentation of medical treatment, information about medications that one may be using to treat depression, and information about the impact one’s condition has had on his or her life.

Why is it so difficult to get disability benefits for depression approved?

The SSA needs to make sure one’s condition is truly disabling before approving benefits. Unfortunately, this may result in claims being wrongly denied on the first, second or even third try. One woman in Massachusetts was not able to get her benefits approved until the SSA reviewed her case for the fourth time.

The woman suffered from severe depression and had tried to hold a variety of jobs, but her depression was too disabling. After her case was reviewed for a fourth time, the SSA concluded that the woman was indeed disabled. She will now receive $1,300 per month in disability benefits. She will also be able to recover $27,000 in back due benefits.

Source: The Houston Chronicle, “Attleboro Attorneys Win Social Security Disability Claim for Mansfield Woman Who Received $27,000 and Will Receive an Additional $1,300 a Month,” PRWeb, March 20, 2013



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