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Claiming Social Security Disability and workers’ compensation

by | Apr 7, 2017 | SSD - Social Security Disability Benefits For Injuries |

Workplace accidents result in many of the injuries people deal with today. In fact, a great proportion of disabilities in the United States are a result of workplace accidents or an individual’s work. Workers who are injured on the job know that they can seek out workers’ compensation in most cases, but some misunderstand their right to Social Security Disability.

In fact, disability payments are available to those who have a sufficient work history to claim them. The amount paid to workers is not to exceed 80 percent of the workers’ average prior earnings, and if the combination of Social Security Disability and workers’ compensation exceeds 80 percent of the person’s previous earnings, it’s reduced by the Social Security Administration or the state.

Workers’ compensation is available to nearly anyone who is hurt on the job, whereas Social Security Disability is not available to everyone. You must have a history of working that meets the Social Security Administration’s requirements as well as a recognized disability.

To obtain Social Security Disability payments, you will need to talk to your attorney about filling out the correct forms and collecting evidence of your disability. You will want to include medical information, the date of injury and other important information.

It’s true that many people receive denials the first time they apply, but with the right help you may have it approved on the first attempt. Denials often occur because information was filed incorrectly or is missing. That means the Social Security Administration automatically denies the claim, even if the injury itself is covered.

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