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3 potential causes of mental disorders

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2020 | SSD - Social Security Disability Benefits For Mental Conditions |

The first thing that people must understand about mental disorders is that those who have these disorders did not cause them. They are being affected by them, just like any other disease, but they have no control over whether or not they have the disorder. It can happen to anyone.

So, if people aren’t causing these disorders on their own, what causes are there? What put them in this position? It’s tough to pin things down exactly, as every case is unique, but here are three potential causes, per the prestigious Mayo Clinic.

  1. Brain chemistry: Someone may have the wrong level of chemicals in their brain — this is often what medication seeks to fix — or there may be other issues with their neural networks. When brain chemistry is off, it can impact mood, energy, physical actions and much more.
  2. Pre-birth environmental exposure: Mothers are told to be very careful while pregnant for a reason. Exposing an unborn child to harmful chemicals — by smoking, drinking or using illegal drugs, for instance — can have an impact on the rest of that child’s life.
  3. Inherited traits: There is some evidence that mental disorders are genetic and may be passed down from one generation to the next. This doesn’t mean that every heir will have the disorder, but that they may be more likely to see it manifest. This is similar to how a family history of cancer may make it more likely that you’ll develop cancer, though it is by no means a guarantee.

If you have a mental disorder that makes it impossible for you to work, you need to know what legal options you have. Filing for Social Security Disability can be a difficult process, but it may be the best way to obtain some measure of financial security and medical benefits. An experienced attorney can help.



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