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Ensuring eye safety on the job in Minnesota

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2022 | WC - Injuries And Illnesses, WC - Work Accidents |

There are many types of injuries that lead to workers’ compensation claims, and one of the most common of them all is eye injuries. The risk of workers sustaining such injuries is significant and is something that businesses and workers should try to prevent.

How do eye injuries occur on the job?

One of the most common causes of eye injuries on the job is flying particles or objects, such as metal chips, wood chips and other debris. This can lead to workers sustaining scratches on the surface of their eyes or having an object penetrate their eyes. Another common cause of eye injuries at work is contact with hazardous chemicals. If workers come into direct or indirect contact with these substances, they can cause severe damage to their eyes, including chemical burns and inflammation. Last but not least, workers may also suffer from eye injuries due to overexposure to bright lights, such as welding arcs and laser beams.

What can workers do to protect their eyes?

The best thing workers can do is make sure they are wearing the proper protective gear at all times. This includes safety goggles or glasses that have anti-fog lenses and are rated to resist scratches, impacts and chemical splashes. Additionally, workers should be aware of the environment they’re working in and make sure that any debris or hazardous materials are kept away from their eyes. They should also make sure that any bright lights they’re exposed to aren’t too intense and that they’re taking regular breaks from them.

What should workers do if they sustain an eye injury?

If workers have sustained an eye injury, they should seek medical attention as soon as possible. Next, it’s important to report the incident to their employer to ensure that workers’ compensation is available if necessary. This can help ensure that workers receive the medical care they need and are compensated for any lost wages or other expenses related to the injury.

Ultimately, workers must be aware of the dangers of eye injuries on the job and take appropriate measures to protect themselves at all times. By doing so, workers can help reduce the risk of sustaining an injury and ensure that workers’ compensation claims are handled smoothly and efficiently.


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