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Head injuries can qualify for Social Security disability

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An injury to the head can be debilitating, no matter how minor the injury initially seems. A head injury is a term used to describe any sort of injury to a person’s skull or brain, and it can range from very mild to a traumatic brain injury. Unfortunately, depending on the severity, those who suffer a head injury may find that it is impossible for them to work and perform the duties of their jobs. Here are a few types of head injuries that may qualify for SSDI benefits.


A concussion is one of the most common types of head injuries and most often occurs when a person suffers a blow to the head. Concussions happen when the brain hits against the walls of a person’s skull. If the impact is severe enough, it can cause loss of consciousness and a brain injury.


A hematoma is known as clotting, or collection, of blood outside the blood vessels. Brain hematomas can be very serious. Blood clotting can cause pressure to build up inside the injured person’s skull which may cause them to lose consciousness and suffer permanent brain damage.


Edema is also known as swelling and can happen with any head injury. This swelling of tissues can be serious when it happens in a person’s brain. Since the skull can’t stretch, edema can result in pressure buildup in the brain, causing it to press against the skull.

Disability for head injuries

Any person who suffers a head injury that has enduring mental and physical ailments or difficulties may be eligible to obtain Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. Those who suffer a head injury and want to apply for these benefits must be sure to provide documentation of their limitations and the medical treatment that they have received. Any person who suffers a disabling injury and needs help applying for Social Security disability can benefit by speaking with a seasoned and knowledgeable legal professional.



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