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3 Common Reasons A Disability Case is Denied

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2023 | SSD - Social Security Disability |

Have you been denied….again?! There are lots of reasons this could have happened, but below are some that are avoidable. Don’t let them happen to YOU!

  1. Lacking documentation! – this can be tough if you don’t have medical insurance or your co-pays are too much to cover regular visits to doctors. However, large gaps in treatment or no treatment for years on end will have a negative effect on your case
  2. Not appealing a denial! – starting a new application is not the same as appealing a claim. A fresh application is a fresh start, but an appeal keeps an older claim going. If you start a new claim when you could have appealed, you have likely lost out on months or years of back benefits.
  3. Failing to cooperate! – generally, this means failing to keep in touch with SSA if you are filing on your own, or your attorney if you’ve hired one. SSA will not hesitate to deny claims when they cannot find you or get the information they require from you. Attorneys sometimes have to stop representing clients who are non-responsive because they cannot get proper information to present to the court either.

These problems are just a few of the simpler reasons people are denied disability benefits. The GOOD news is, they can usually all be fixed, or at least improved! A knowledgeable and effective attorney can help you put your best case forward.



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