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Understanding Special Monthly Compensation in Minnesota

by | Jan 2, 2015 | SSD - Veterans' Issues |

Veterans who have been injured and disabled in war have the ability to get compensation and assistance from the government. However, that does not mean that the base payment is all that they can apply for. Vets need to be aware of exactly how Special Monthly Compensation, which is also known as SMC, works in Minnesota and elsewhere.

As the name implies, SMC is a monthly payment that can be given out in specific circumstances. Rather than replacing the monthly disability benefits, however, this is in addition to those benefits, raising the total monthly income.

SMC is designed to help those who are no longer able to use specific extremities or organs as a result of their injuries. For example, a veteran who was injured by a roadside bomb may no longer be able to use his or her feet, or the person’s feet may have been lost in the incident.

Other injuries that could qualify include the loss of hearing to the point of deafness in each ear, the loss of eyes, paralysis of a joint or the loss of the ability to speak, just to name a few.

One important thing to note about SMC is that it can be used for cases in which the body part was entirely lost, but it can also be used in cases in which the functionality was lost. A soldier does not have to have had his or her foot amputated after an incident, for example, if the foot was damaged so badly that it can’t be used.

It is important for veterans to know what rights they have to all types of compensation.

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