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If your disability has made working impossible, you probably have many financial concerns, not the least of which is: will you be able to receive medical benefits? If you receive Social Security Disability, you will begin receiving Medicare benefits approximately two-and-a-half years from the date the Social Security Administration (SSA) says you became disabled.

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Are You Eligible for Medicare?

You are likely eligible for Medicare if you are a citizen or lawful permanent resident of the U.S. and:

Navigating Medicare Coverage

Enrolling in Medicare can be overwhelming. There are many options that you must carefully consider. How can you ensure that all of your medical needs are met? How can you avoid paying too much in premiums or out-of-pocket expenses? An experienced Medicare attorney can help you understand the various options available to you so that you can make informed and confident decisions about your future.

Medicare is broken into five separate parts:

  • Part A/Hospital Insurance covers hospital, nursing and hospice care. It is generally included without premiums.
  • Part B/Medical Insurance covers general medical care not covered by Part A, including doctor visits and services. Part B costs approximately $115 per month.
  • Part C/Medicare Advantage is a more extensive program provided by private insurance companies. It can cover hospital care, general health care and prescription drugs. Different insurance companies charge different deductibles and copayments.
  • Part D/Prescription Drug Coverage is provided by private medical insurance companies to cut prescription drug costs.
  • Medicare Supplement/Medigap is provided by private medical insurance companies and covers payments not covered by Medicare Part A or Part B.

Questions About Medicare Or Social Security Disability?

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