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Everyone probably knows someone who suffers from migraines. That should not be taken to mean, though, that every person who suffers from migraines suffers the same thing or in the same way. It’s also very likely because of that disparity of experience that individuals who suffer debilitating migraine symptoms may find themselves frustrated when applying for Social Security Disability.

Note that we use the term migraine as a stand-alone term, rather than the more common turn of phrase, migraine headache. The reason is that headaches are only one of many symptoms that are associated with being affected by migraines. And someone with migraine can suffer one, some or all of them, depending on their unique circumstance.

In addition to the headaches most think of with migraines, symptoms can include visual impairments, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, numbness or tingling in hands, feet or face and extreme sensitivity to various sensory stimulations. It is a neurological condition, like epilepsy.

Migraines And Disability

There are many neurological conditions that the Social Security Administration has designated as being due disability coverage. Migraine is not one of them, except in extreme cases designated as chronic migraine.

Even then, the criteria the SSA demands for someone applying for benefits are very specific. Approvals of claims, notoriously slow in some of the most clear of cases, can be slower in cases of migraine. And if the detail the government demands isn’t provided as expected, rejection can be the result. An attorney’s help can be beneficial.

Some experts estimate that as many as 2 percent of the U.S. population suffers from chronic migraine symptoms. What that means is that they endure often-debilitating symptoms for 15 days or more each month.

What will it take to get this issue off the disability back burner and more visible in the public consciousness? Some researchers say greater public funding of research would be a help. Considering how widespread the problem is, they say this should be common sense. But they say the health issues related to migraine have existed in the shadows for so long that public awareness likely will need to be elevated first.

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