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Helping Clients With Mental Disability-Related SSD Claims

Unfortunately, mental disabilities and related claims, including mental retardation (the proper term being an “intellectual disability”), are some of the most difficult cases to obtain SSD (Social Security Disability) benefits for. This is largely due to the fact that there must be proper medical documentation to support mental disability claims and oftentimes medical and treatment notes for mental illness patients are not detailed or thorough enough. This is where the experience of a seasoned SSD claims attorney is needed in order to help those who are mentally disabled seek the benefits that they deserve.

At Midwest Disability, we help disabled clients with all types of impairments, both physical and mental. Our comprehensive representation is catered to the unique needs of each individual client, as our compassionate and dedicated attorneys are there for clients every step of the way. From an initial filing to an appeals hearing before an ALJ (Administrative Law Judge) to subsequent appeals, we are there to answer all of your questions and keep you constantly informed of your options.

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SSD and Intellectual Disabilities (Mental Retardation)

There are many causes of intellectual disabilities in children, from trauma before or during the delivery process to later onset problems. In general, an intellectual disability is when an individual’s IQ is below average. If an individual is claiming an intellectual disability for SSD benefits, he or she (or his or her legal guardian) must do so before he or she turns 22. Documentation must be provided in order to apply for SSD benefits. This documentation may include medical records as well as the opinion of child development specialists, pediatricians and other physicians.

The application must show that the intellectually disabled individual meets one of the following criteria:

  • An IQ of 59 or lower
  • An IQ between 60 and 70 in addition to showing the impairment prevents the individual from work eligibility
  • An IQ between 60 and 70 in addition to showing that the intellectual disability has restricted daily activities, caused social environment difficulties, caused a lack of concentration/persistence or led to repeated episodes of decompensation

We will work with you to help you properly document your SSD claim and gather all the right information to support it.

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