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Why Should I Hire an Attorney?

Because You’ve Got Enough to Worry About…

Nothing in the SSA’s rules says that you have to hire an attorney before you’ll be approved to start receiving benefits. However, the statistics clearly show that people who do not have legal representation also have a significantly lower success rate.

This is the number one reason to hire an attorney.

At Midwest Disability, we put more than 50 years of combined experience on the side of people who can’t work and who need disability benefits. In addition, our limited focus on disability claims means that our lawyers are as familiar with the medical issues involved in these cases as they are the legal ones. Working together, our lawyers and support staff help thousands of people each year no matter where they live.

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Should you hire an attorney or an advocate?

Non-lawyer advocates that handle SSD and SSI claims are allowed to charge you the same amount of money that a lawyer can charge — why trust your case or your chances for a successful result to someone with very little legal training when you can hire an attorney for the same price?

What do we do?

In brief terms, we evaluate, assess and order the evidence to build the strongest possible case for each person or family we represent. We don’t take short cuts. We pay attention to the details. We are well prepared to protect our clients’ interests at each stage of the process. In many cases, our experience and reputation for thoroughness have allowed us to secure benefits for our clients without having to attend a hearing.

If you decide to hire us and become a client yourself, we are happy to provide you with more details about our practice and the work that we’ll be doing on your behalf.

Great People. Great Results. — Midwest Disability works for you.

Contact us online or call our offices directly at 888-351-0427 for a free case evaluation and consultation. All cases are taken on contingency, meaning there are no fees unless and until we recover benefits.

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