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Benefits through the Social Security Administration

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2018 | SSD - Supplemental Security Income (SSI) |

The Social Security Administration’s goal is to help individuals have the independence they need even at the worst times in their lives. They may be unable to work, struggle with illness or have disabilities that hinder them, but people still deserve to live comfortably and independently.

The good thing about Social Security benefits is that there are many different benefits. For example, when you reach retirement age or, at a minimum, age 61 and nine months, you can begin to receive benefits for retirement based on your or your spouse’s past income. If you have a disability, you can obtain disability benefits that convert into retirement benefits when you reach retirement age.

If that compensation is not enough, you can get extra help through the Social Security Administration as well. For instance, Medicare is available to help support those who need health insurance. There’s additional help for those needing extra to afford prescription drug costs, too.

Additionally, you can also apply for Supplemental Security Income. SSI is another federal income program that helps disabled, aged and blind people who are living on little or no income have a higher benefit to fall back on to cover their expenses.

Whether you’re a veteran or someone who has suffered a disability from a car accident, an aged individual or someone struggling with blindness, SSI and disability benefits are there to help you when you need to focus on your health. Our website has more on what you can do to obtain Social Security benefits and Supplemental Security Income to support you as you adjust in life.


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