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Social Security Disability is the safety net workers need

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Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits are an important set of benefits for people who struggle with injuries or inherited illnesses that make it difficult or impossible to hold a job. There are many people who have worked for years for the benefit of America but then get hurt or suffer illnesses that make it hard for them to hold a typical job.

Social Security Disability is there to cover those who cannot support themselves due to disability. This is a benefit that workers earn, not one that taxpayers support fully. Workers who pay into Social Security can obtain Social Security Disability if their medical conditions meet the standards set by the Social Security Administration (SSA).

How do individuals qualify for SSD?

People qualify by showing that the medical conditions they live with make it too difficult to work or support themselves. For example, someone who is blinded on the job may not have the ability to return to work, requiring SSD to support them as they focus on their health and recovery.

The Social Security Act defines what a disability is and is strict about who can obtain these benefits. A person may only be considered under the terms of the act if he or she cannot work because of a serious medical condition that has lasted or will last at least one year or will end in eventual death.

Your attorney can help you seek SSD following a serious injury. It’s typical for people to be denied, but with the right application and knowledge, you have a better chance of approval.



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