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Military members get injured or killed far from combat

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2019 | SSD - Veterans' Issues |

When people think about the injuries that military members suffer, they often think of troops in a combat zone. They consider enemy fire, improvised explosive devices, and things of this nature.

While soldiers certainly do suffer serious injuries in combat, it is important to remember that many of them often get injured — or even lose their lives — far from the front lines. The military is a dangerous occupation on many fronts. Soldiers get hurt on the job in accidents that would never take place in another occupation — and in some incidents that could also impact construction workers, field workers and others in more “traditional” jobs.

For instance, one pilot recently lost his life while doing a training exercise and crashing into a canyon. Another soldier passed away when harsh weather caused a tree to fall and the soldier was struck by it; two more soldiers suffered injuries in the same event. In a third incident, members of a “Marine group” were riding motorcycles when the group was hit by an alleged drunk driver who apparently looked away from the road to reach for a drink. Seven people died in that crash.

These are just three examples from this summer in 2019, but they paint a clear picture of how diverse these incidents can be and just how many threats members of the military have to take in stride, no matter where they are stationed.

When veterans suffer serious, life-changing injuries, no matter how they happen, it’s critical for them to understand exactly what legal options they have and what steps to take next.


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