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Social Security disability benefits could end after review

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2021 | SSD - Social Security Disability Process And Benefits |

Receiving financial benefits from the government can often help individuals ensure that their basic needs are met. If people have qualifying disabilities, they receive monthly payments from Social Security Disability Insurance. However, even if a person qualifies for these benefits after submitting an application, it does not mean that the benefits are permanent since an improvement in the condition could warrant an end to benefits. 

The Social Security Administration periodically reviews the status of every recipient’s medical condition. This review works to determine whether a person still qualifies for benefits and to ensure that those who truly need the financial assistance continue to get it. If the SSA believes that a person’s medical condition has improve to a point where that person could reasonably return to work, the benefits may come to an end. 

The SSA will typically take the following steps to determine whether a person’s condition has improved: 

  • Asking the recipient’s doctors about the state of the person’s condition 
  • Reviewing recent medical records 
  • Gaining information on how the condition continues to limit abilities and whether tests show improvement 
  • Going over any recent treatments the person has received 
  • Requesting additional information from the recipient him or herself 

In some cases, the SSA may believe that a person’s condition has improved and that he or she no longer needs Social Security disability benefits. However, it is possible that the discontinuing of benefits does not truly suit the situation. If individuals believe that the SSA plans to stop their benefits prematurely, they may want to consider taking steps to appeal that decision.  



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