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Medical Vocational Guidelines, Grid Rules

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2022 | SSD - Social Security Disability Process And Benefits |

So from the five step process we know we need to prove you cannot do other work, not just the work you have done before.  There are a few rules we can use to help us rule out other work, one discussed here (link to first post). Another way in which we can rule out other work for individuals of certain ages is through what are known as the Medical Vocational Guidelines, or Grid Rules.

As you can see, the Medical Vocational Guidelines are laid out in a grid, hence the name Grid Rules.  There are many nuances to them, but in short, they help rule out other work you have not previously done for individuals of age 50 or older. In order for the Medical Vocational Guidelines to apply, you need to show your physical abilities are impacted by your impairments, whether that be your ability to stand and or walk, lift, carry, push or pull.

For example, if at age 50, you have never had a sedentary job, the Medical Vocational Guidelines would direct a finding of disabled if the Administrative Law Judge limited your ability to stand and walk to 2 hours or less during an 8 hour workday due to your impairments.

Another example is at age 55 when the rules change again, if you had no previous work experience at the light level and were limited to light work (lifting and carrying no more than 20 pounds) during the hearing, the Medical Vocational Guidelines would direct a finding of disabled.



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