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Topics to consider before appealing a denial for SSDI benefits

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2022 | SSD - Denied Disability Claims |

Encountering a change in life circumstances that disrupts your ability to maintain gainful employment can be a daunting experience. Whether stemming from physical or mental health conditions, loss of ability to make ends meet could take a dire toll on your quality of life and your future in Minnesota.

While you might be eligible for benefits through the Social Security Disability Insurance program, what happens if your initial claim results in denial? Knowing some vital topics to address prior to appealing this decision could prove integral to helping place you in a better position to protect your interests.

Vital topics

While the process of appealing a denial for benefits can be intimidating, you might be able to alleviate a portion of your stress by taking steps to better prepare for what comes next. Some vital topics to cover before filing an appeal may include:

  • Understanding denial: Knowing the reasons why your claim resulted in denial could prove vital to helping you prepare to seek a more favorable outcome during a subsequent appeal.
  • Knowing your options: Requesting reconsideration or seeking approval through a hearing are two examples of available options. Seeking insight on choosing the best path forward could prove paramount.
  • Timing as a concern: There may also be certain time constraints associated with filing an appeal for denial of SSDI benefits. Being vigilant with timing may also be integral.
  • Termination of benefits: If you currently receive benefits and receive notification of a decision to terminate your benefits, it could be helpful to know that you may still be eligible to receive payments while appealing this decision.

This might only cover a few examples of topics to address prior to proceeding with the appeals process. Seeking insight on covering every aspect of this process could prove imperative.

Navigating the process

With numerous topics to address and a great deal at stake, preparing to appeal a denial for benefits can be exceedingly intimidating.  Prior to choosing a path, it could be in your best interests to seek insight from someone with intricate knowledge on such matters for guidance in navigating every stage of the appeals process. In doing so, you could find yourself in a much better position in which to protect your future by preparing to pursue the full amount of benefits you deserve through the proper outlets.



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