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What is a technical denial of an SSDI claim?

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2022 | SSD - Social Security Disability Process And Benefits |

Many who apply for Social Security Disability Insurance are denied due to medical reasons. A medical denial means the Social Security Administration found that the applicant’s medical conditions were not severe enough to prevent the individual from working. However, many SSDI applicants instead receive what is known as a technical denial. When an applicant receives a technical denial, it means that he or she was found ineligible for benefits due to nonmedical reasons. Here are some reasons why an applicant may receive a technical denial. 

Not enough time worked 

The most common reason an applicant gets a technical denial is due to that person working an insufficient period of time and consequently not paying enough to be covered under the Social Security disability program. The required amount of time worked depends on the applicant’s age. For example, if the applicant is 50 years old, he or she will need to have worked at least seven years at a position that pays into Social Security. 

Not enough recent work 

If an applicant has not worked in recent years, a reason he or she might get a technical denial is that the applicant was not found disabled before the date the individual was last insured. SSDI coverage lapses after a certain period of time if a person stops paying taxes into the system. A general rule is that an applicant must have worked at least five out of the last 10 years to be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. Say an individual has worked their entire life but quit working exactly six years ago. The date they were last insured would have been exactly one year ago.  

According to recent reports, nearly half of all SSDI applicants receive technical denials. Gaining an understanding of why an application was rejected will help to increase the chances that an appeal will be successful. Those who need help or have been denied SSDI benefits have the option of speaking with a legal representative. An experienced and trusted attorney can answer questions and provide much-needed guidance in filing an appeal. 



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