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Asthma can qualify as a disability

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2023 | SSD - Social Security Disability Benefits For Illnesses |

Millions of people across the country struggle with asthma. Asthma is an inflammatory and chronic lung condition that constricts the airways and impairs the person’s capacity to breathe. When a person struggles to breathe, it becomes difficult to do anything, much less work. Luckily, asthma sufferers who are unable to work may qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. 

Causes and symptoms of asthma 

Many times, asthma sufferers are born with the condition. It can be hereditary but can also be caused by allergies or by contracting a severe respiratory infection as a child. During an asthmatic episode, the individual’s airways constrict or spasm during deep breaths. This often causes wheezing, gasping or shortness of breath. Asthmatic episodes are considered either acute or chronic.  

Chronic asthma often comes with other conditions such as COPD, emphysema or allergies. The duration and severity of asthma attacks vary. Some last several days. The two stages of asthma are a hyper-reactive response and an inflammatory response. In a hyper-reactive response, the muscles around the airways tighten due to an outside irritant, while an inflammatory response is triggered by the immune system with the person’s airways swelling and filling with fluid. 

Applying for SSDI benefits 

If a person suffers from asthma and is unable to work, the Social Security Administration may consider that person disabled, so it may be possible to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. However, several factors play a role in determining eligibility. Anyone who suffers from a condition like asthma and wants to apply for SSDI benefits may want to consider meeting with a legal professional. A knowledgeable attorney can help clients through the entire application process and submit an appeal if necessary. 



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