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Can I Increase My SSDI Benefit Amount?

by | Feb 6, 2023 | SSD - Social Security Disability Process And Benefits |

This question is often asked, but not often explained well.

Your SSDI benefits are typically calculated using your history of work earnings. If you are concerned about becoming disabled in the future, know that your SSDI amount is calculated using an average of your lifetime of earnings (this is putting it VERY simply). The more you earn year over year, the more your benefit will be.

Other types of benefits could be collected in addition to your SSDI benefits.

If your spouse, or ex-spouse, has died, you may be eligible for greater benefits based on their work history. You can even obtain benefits from both an ex-spouse (where the marriage ended by divorce) AND a prior spouse (where the marriage ended by death).

On another sad note, if you experience the death of an adult child, you could be eligible for parent’s benefits, if they were qualified for SSDI and had provided at least of your income support before their death.

If you are a Veteran, you may qualify for VA disability benefits, which can be received IN ADDITION to your SSDI benefits.

You should always ask your local Social Security office for an appointment to discuss what additional benefits you may be entitled to beyond SSDI. Our attorneys can help you identify these added benefits and connect you with the proper people to file for those!



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