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There is a waiting period for SSDI benefits

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2023 | SSD - Social Security Disability |

Every year, thousands of people suffer unfortunate and disabling injuries that prevent them from working and earning a living for themselves and their families. For those who face this scenario, getting Social Security Disability Insurance benefits is of the utmost importance. However, some applicants may not be aware that there is a waiting period for Social Security disability benefits. 

How long is the waiting period? 

A five-month waiting period for SSDI benefits has been instituted by the Social Security Administration. This waiting period is so the SSA can ensure that those with short-term disabilities are not paid benefits. The SSA will only award benefits for total disability after the applicant has shown that he or she has been disabled for at least five full calendar months. Those eligible will receive SSDI benefits on the sixth full month after the onset of their disability.  

Compassionate allowances 

For those with more severe disabilities, the SSA may accelerate the claims. This is known as a Compassionate Allowance. For example, if a person is diagnosed with cancer or early-onset ALS, this could be a situation where the SSA will speed up the process. Those affected could be approved for benefits in as little as 10 days. 

Where to go for help 

Since those applying for benefits may have to wait a few months, it is important to begin the application process as soon as possible. Any delays in applying will also delay financial assistance to applicants and their families. Those who suffer a debilitating injury or illness and have questions or need assistance applying for SSDI benefits can get help by consulting a knowledgeable legal professional. 



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