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Obtaining Social Security disability for joint pain

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2023 | SSD - Social Security Disability |

Anyone who has suffered severe or chronic pain in their knees, elbows or wrists knows just how painful and debilitating these ailments can be. Joint pain is often the byproduct of repetitive and long-term stress on the bones. Severe or chronic joint pain can make it difficult or impossible for a person to work. Thankfully, those who suffer from this can obtain Social Security disability if their joint pain is severe enough. 

The causes of joint pain 

Joint pain is typically associated with the most utilized joints — knees, ankles, wrists, hips, elbows or shoulders. It can range from mild to severe and from temporary to chronic. There are many conditions that can cause the pain. Some of the most common are arthritis, gout, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, bursitis, previous injuries or aging.  

Obtaining disability benefits 

To obtain disability benefits for joint pain, sufferers must document that their condition makes it impossible to work. They must also be able to provide the appropriate medical evidence to support this, so the first step is usually to visit a doctor to obtain a proper diagnosis. The specific medical evidence that the Social Security Administration requires for joint pain can vary depending on the cause of the pain. Typically, sufferers will need to show that their condition has lasted for a year or longer.  

Disability claims for joint pain can sometimes be difficult to get approved, especially if the medical evidence does not clearly show how the condition affects the person’s ability to work and perform daily functions. Fortunately, help is readily available for those who want to apply for SSDI for any condition that prevents them from earning a living. By contacting and meeting with an experienced legal professional, applicants can obtain much-needed guidance. 



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