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Legislation introduced regarding disability insurance

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2023 | SSD - Disability Insurance |

Many people in Minnesota and throughout the country receive Medicare, which is federal health insurance for people ages 65 and older. Numerous government officials have banned together in a bipartisan effort to initiate legislation to help Americans with disabilities, whom they say are facing denial of Medicare due to a lengthy “wait” process that is currently in place. If this issue is relevant to you or your loved one, you may want to follow news regarding the “Stop the Wait Act 2023.”

If signed into law, this act would phase out the waiting period for applicants with disabilities to receive SSDI benefits. It would also enable underinsured people and those unable to purchase health insurance to receive Medicare, without the wait. One of the congressmen involved in introducing the bill said that millions of Americans don’t get access to much-needed health care because of long wait periods.

American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) endorsed the bill

In addition to the AAPD, many other organizations and patient advocacy groups have stepped up to support the Stop the Wait Act 2023. If you have a child with autism, or someone in your family with lung cancer, Down Syndrome or muscular dystrophy, you’ll be glad to know that organizations associated with these disabilities have endorsed the bill.

The president of the AAPD issued a public statement, saying that the Stop the Wait Act 2023 will enable workers with disabilities to receive benefits they have earned and gain access to health care they depend on for survival. She further stated that imposing long wait periods on people with disabilities can be deadly.

Americans with disabilities often wait two years for Medicare eligibility

As opposed to qualifying for Medicare automatically at age 65 or older, people with disabilities often must wait a full 24 months after receiving SSDI benefits to verify eligibility for this federal health insurance program. This affects millions of people, perhaps including someone in your own household.

Without health insurance coverage provided by Medicare, many people are unable to regain mobility, return to work or simply achieve their full potential for quality of life. Thousands of supporters for the Stop the Wait Act 2023 believe that eliminating the long wait periods currently imposed on people with disabilities will help resolve these issues. On the contrary, what might have otherwise been a temporary health condition could deteriorate into a permanent condition due to lack of medical attention during the wait-imposed interim.

Know where to seek support

If this issue affects you or your loved one, it’s helpful to speak with someone who is well-versed in disability insurance issues. It is also helpful to stay updated on Stop the Wait Act 2023 legislation.


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