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North Carolina applicants facing backlogs for SSDI benefits

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2023 | SSD - Social Security Disability |

The Social Security Administration’s disability programs can provide income and many other benefits for those who are disabled and can no longer work to earn a living. For anyone who faces such a scenario, it is crucial that the SSA processes applications for Social Security Disability Insurance efficiently. According to reports, there is currently a horrendous backlog of new SSDI applications. In North Carolina, the number of backlogged applications is reportedly the second highest in the country. 

Reasons for the backlog 

Anyone in North Carolina who is planning to apply or has already applied for SSDI benefits should be aware of this backlog as they work through the process. Recent data has shown that over one million people across the country are currently waiting for Social Security disability benefits. Reportedly, the average processing time for disability applications in North Carolina is more than 600 days. 

Apparently, there are two primary reasons for this unacceptable backlog. According to the Social Security Administration, lack of funding and a lack of state-level employees are the main factors that have caused the backup. Apparently, workers are struggling to keep up with the demand for new applications and appeals.  

Help for applicants in North Carolina 

A recent study from Cornell University showed that nearly 70% of people with disabilities in North Carolina are unable to work. Unfortunately, disabled individuals receive no financial assistance while they wait for months for a decision on their SSDI application. Those in North Carolina who are applying for disability benefits or have questions may want to consider speaking with a legal professional. An understanding and experienced attorney can answer questions and ease burdens while keeping clients informed through every stage of the application process. 



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